Featuring responses from over forty accomplished artists, designers and writers; BLEACHED aims to function as a collective record of the sudden and extraordinary shift we have all experienced with the arrival of Covid-19.

Foreword kindly written by Adrian Shaughnessy.

£10+ Donation = 1 x BLEACHED (inc. UK p&p)

100% of profits from this zine will be donated to CRISIS UK, helping those who are on the streets during this pandemic.

Where is your donation going?

After production costs (approximately £3.50 of your donation) all remaining proceeds will be helping CRISIS with their vital work.

With your support, CRISIS UK are helping people into safe accommodation, supporting their health and wellbeing, and remotely providing a consistent point of assistance and comfort in these uncertain times.

Your donation will help to support people who are homeless during the coronavirus crisis and all year round, and will also help to fund smaller homelessness.

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